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April 13, 2018

Style Me Pretty. The end of an era?

Two days ago, the wedding industry received some shocking news. Style Me Pretty‘s parent company, Oath, announced it has decided to shut down the leading wedding and lifestyle blog at the end of April. Like Style Me Pretty, we’ve been in business for 12 years, and one of my early goals was to be invited to join their Little Black Book. In 2010 we were invited, and one of the most productive relationships of our business career began. We’ve had our films featured 26 times by SMP, and as a wedding filmmaker, I want to thank them for recognizing the value of wedding cinematography. They have been the highest profile blog to invite wedding filmmakers to submit their work independently. By that, I mean, without requiring us to piggyback on to a photographer’s submission. They allowed wedding cinematography to shine in it’s own right.

It would be a mistake to underestimate the contribution the blog has made to raising the profile of the 30a area as a destination wedding market. We, and other talented professionals in 30a, have worked hard to have our work featured at the national level to promote our businesses, and the entire 30a area. Over the last 12 years, Style Me Pretty not only delivered qualified couples through their readership, but supported our area with dozens (it might be hundreds, but I got tired of counting) of features which showcased our various venues and vendors. At the very least it’s helped to remind couples who already knew the area (from spending family vacations here year after year), that there are other options beyond their local hometown venues to consider.

Finally, the idea of the site being taken down completely, mortifies me. Instead of having a binder full of wedding ideas, today’s brides turn to Pinterest. The images may still exist, but the links which provide inspiration for their own wedding, and vendors they’re considering hiring, will vanish. These disappearing sources of inspiration and aspiration will leave a black hole in the wedding world. One thing is for certain, social media will be a lot less pretty without SMP. 

If you know me on a personal level, you know I’m usually optimistic. However, I spent too much time in the corporate world to harbor much hope that Oath will change their mind about closing Style Me Pretty, but there is a campaign to save the blog. If you’d like to sign the petition head over to It can’t hurt, and at the very least you’ll let the folks who work there (who were as blindsided by the announcement as the rest of us) that their efforts to make the world a prettier place were appreciated.

There are a lot of talented people at Style Me Pretty, so I’m sure we’ll see some combination of them creating a new wave for the wedding industry to ride. I look forward to seeing what that future wave looks like.

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